Ed Bradley: A Gentleman and Journalist

By: Marc H. Morial
President and CEO
National Urban League

"I guess I was lucky or I came along at the right time, because I didn't see overt racial
discrimination directed against me. I think that I was thrown into the soup, and
someone said, 'Negro, sink or swim.' And I learned how to swim," recalled CBS News
veteran Ed Bradley in a 2002 USA Today Magazine interview.

That's how Bradley, who died rather unexpectedly to the public at least, earlier this
month, of leukemia at 65, summed up his introduction to broadcast journalism with the
same unassuming cool he approached an interview subject. But Bradley not only
proved he could swim: he showed the world that he could fly to the top of his field.

During his 25 years at "60 Minutes," where he produced 500 pieces, he established
himself as one of television's most enduring fixtures

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