Environmental Defense Praises Evangelical Leaders' Stand on Global Warming

Here is a comment by Environmental Defense President Fred Krupp on the February 9th announcement by a group of evangelical leaders who support Federal legislation to curb the emission of greenhouse gases.

"This statement marks nothing less than a historic tipping point. Global warming isn't a liberal issue or an issue that concerns just conservationists. Taking action — now — is a matter of values. It's a moral issue, a mainstream issue that reflects a national consensus."

"These courageous leaders have said that global warming should be a concern to all who value God's creation and that's a mainstream, non-partisan message that makes sense whether you're in South Carolina, Arkansas, California or Minnesota."

"Their support for a pro-business solution makes all the sense in the world. Capping greenhouse gas emissions will unleash a wave of American innovation. It will create new jobs and it'll give the economy a boost."

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