EPA Re-Opens Review for Finalized Vehicle Tailpipe Standards

On August 10th, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the reopening of review for the previously finalized passenger vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards.
In January, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized its proposed decision on fuel efficiency standards, originally set by the Obama administration in 2012. The decision kept the fuel economy goals at their current level through year 2025. This decision came after a technical assessment report, a 30-day comment period, a proposed decision, and a second 30-day comment period. The Sierra Club and allies submitted more than 400,000 comments in support of the standards.
In 2009, automakers agreed to the Obama administration’s rules, which would bring the average fleetwide fuel economy to between 50 and 52.6 mpg in 2025.
In response, Sierra Club Legislative Director for Transportation Andrew Linhardt released the following statement:
“No profit margin is worth clouding our neighborhoods in smog and pollution. Unfortunately for millions of Americans, Donald Trump’s reconsideration of the lifesaving vehicle tailpipe standards once again shows he cares more about corporate profits than the health and safety of our families.
“In order to keep our air clean and our climate safe, we must protect and strengthen clean car standards. The EPA’s previous technical review of the current fuel economy standards shows that the standards are not only well within reach, but are already working. Due to technological innovation initiated by the standards, the cars speeding off dealership lots at a record pace are cleaner and more efficient than ever before. A new administration is no reason to shift progress to reverse.”

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