Get Behind The Gas-Off

I am writing this letter in an effort to bring the plight of our environment to a brighter light and out of the archaic mindset, which we all do or have at one time shared. This country has been turning a blind eye to the parasitic consumption of the world's natural resources for decades. You, have the power to get this message out in a large capacity. Join me in an attempt to save some of our world and in turn, each other, by refusing to buy gasoline and needlessly take consume fragile resources unnecessarily. I realize that this is an oft made request but I figure one more person out to save the world cannot be a bad thing. We are a part of our environment yet not fully in tune with it. We must aspire to expect more, not only from ourselves but also from those around us. Act locally and preserve Mother Nature in our own backyards. She has been so good to us; it is about time we begin to show some gratitude. Some ways to save energy and resources could be to carpool, utilize the safe and reliable public transportation system, turn off or at least up the thermostat of your air conditioners, buy a low flow toilet to conserve water. There are so many little ways to stop the massacre of Mother Nature every day. Let

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