Governor Schwarzenegger Reiterates Opposition To Discrimination In The Constitution

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality California commended
California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his unequivocal
opposition to putting discrimination in the Constitution. Appearing on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, the governor was asked if
he would "move to try to change the Constitution" should the California
Supreme Court rule that the state can no longer deny marriage to
same-sex couples; he replied, "No, absolutely not."

"The Governor's unequivocal opposition to putting discrimination in the
Constitution reflects the values of most Americans," said HRC President
Joe Solmonese. "We commend the Governor for ensuring that the
Constitution enshrines freedom and fairness. It's clear that the
American appetite for equality knows no partisan boundaries."

"Fair-minded people understand the importance of the judicial system as
a separate, equal branch of government, and the Governor understands and
values the need to respect the courts," said Executive Director Geoffrey
Kors of Equality California. "Equality for all Californians is
fundamental, and LGBT families should be afforded the same equal
treatment." The statewide LGBT civil rights organization is a plaintiff
in the case.

Judge Richard Kramer – a California Superior Court judge who
is a Catholic Republican and was appointed to the bench by Gov. Pete
Wilson, another Republican – ruled that same-sex couples can no longer
be denied marriage and the rights and protections of marriage under
state law. The case will now likely go to an appeals court.

In March 2004 on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Gov. Schwarzenegger
rejected amending the Constitution to deny same-sex couples the right to
marry, saying "I think those issues should be left to the state, so I
have no use for a constitutional amendment or change in that at all." He
also said it would be "fine with me" were California law to change so
that same-sex couples were no longer denied the right to marry.

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