Greenpeace Response to BP Report

Responding to BP’s report on the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Dan Howells, Greenpeace USA Deputy Campaigns Director, said:

“BP’s efforts to spread the blame for the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster displays a devastating litany of human error, incompetence and technical failure, but of course this tragedy is still unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.

While BP continues to try and blame others, polish its image, and downplay the devastation it has caused, we cannot forget that the full scope of this disaster is only just beginning to be understood.  Greenpeace will continue to seek to reveal the true impacts of this disaster on the Gulf ecosystem, and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. The Greenpeace ship The Arctic Sunrise is currently in the Gulf hosting independent scientists to expose the true impacts of BP’s business practices.

The only way to avoid another oil disaster is to stop new offshore oil drilling, and invest in clean energy.”

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