Greenpeace Response to National Oil Spill Commission Report

In response to National Oil Spill Commission reports that the White House blocked efforts by federal scientists to publicly reveal how high the oil spill rate could have been, Greenpeace USA executive Director Phil Radford said:

“How can we trust the government to expand drilling when they were trying to hide the problem in the first place? When our government aligns itself with the interests of oil corporations at the expense of the truth, the people and the environment lose.
“This underscores the need for independent research that is not tainted by corporate dollars.  The impacts of this will be with us all for decades, and it is clearer than ever that it is going to take time – and a lot of work – to fully understand the true impacts of this disaster.”

Greenpeace’s ship, “The Arctic Sunrise” is on a three-month research expedition to investigate the environmental impacts of the Gulf oil spill, during which it has welcomed on board scientists from several US academic institutions in the Gulf of Mexico, and provided a platform for independent research not funded by BP or the US government, but instead relying on donations from Greenpeace supporters.

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