Happy Birthday Forever

A few days ago I experienced something almost everyone does. On that day, I am told, I became another year older. This is reason, I am also told, for celebration. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder.

Some say that any reason to celebrate or "party" is a good reason. For some I suppose this is true. It might even be nice to be like some people, but instead I am only me.

Some people would say I am not much fun. Some would say, "Oh he's way too serious to be any fun." It might be nice to be fun, but instead I am only me.

From where I am, the world is a wonderful place. It is made up of billions of places completely full of fascinating bits that all fit together like the ultimate puzzle. If you stop and really look at any single piece, it's like it never ends.

Walk along a gravel drive and look at the stones. They are like a sea of motion where time has stopped. But this is only an illusion, because each rock is alive with movement and energy.

The stones fit together in perfect harmony. Some are loose. Others are packed tightly together, encased in clay or soil. The surface of each stone has a pattern, a texture and an array of colors. Within every pebble lies a hidden world.

Some of the stones look like faces. Others are as round and smooth as pearls. A few are deep amber or blue-black or steel gray flint. You might even see sandstone of earthy brown or rust red. Perhaps even fossil rocks.

The shapes are as endless as your dreams. Everything from shamrock-like petals to hearts, ovals; every geometric shape the mind can conceive!

Oh, there is no end to the things one may see and experience simply walking along a gravel drive, gazing into the stones. These are magic times.

Doing magic times with others can be fun. Perhaps. If they are fully conscious. If they are secure enough to see beyond their egos.

For seeking minds who crave the profound, everlasting joy of endless learning, this world is a wonderland paradise beyond compare. A dozen lifetimes will hardly get a conscious being started; those who spend most of their lives asleep will require an eternity just to scratch the surface of the lessons that await.

The world is a collage of mystical places. Each place over-flows with knowledge and wonder, from the highest reaches of the sky to the energy and warmth radiating from the within the Earth; and, all in between. All places can be wonderful; all a source of never-ending learning that nurtures the spirit!

I've been to thousands of places all about the Earth; each one alive with magic, full of the essential essence of the universe. I've walked, crawled, climbed and clung my way through marvelous vistas of sand, sea, forest, prairie, meadow, river bed and canyon, hill, mountain, desert, dell; and I've delved deep into caves miles below the Earth.

Every particle of life's journey is an adventure. Every sight a wondrous vision to behold. Every smell and sound, every sensation, a vast treasure of overwhelming proportions.

I've been down these pathways alone. Also, at times, with one or more others. All in all, I find being alone with myself, the best.

Some others would not agree.

Experiencing the wonders of this world is like a sort of natural communion; a taking into oneself the body, the blood, the very life force of the Earth. Is it possible to share this with another? Perhaps, but if so, I have never been so blessed.

I am me. To experience the mysteries of life, the magic times, one must be one's real and true self. All too often, we become someone else when with another. Those who are busy being someone else can not experience the true magical times that make the journey life worthwhile.

I was one year older a few days ago, according to several authorities. Even so, I can't be sure. Some would no doubt say I am strange because to me time is not real. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, years and so on, all constructs of human imagination as far as I can tell.

We perceive things as always changing because matter is always becoming. As far as I know, the illusion of time is just our way of rationalizing this becoming.

The matter making up my physical body, is slowly becoming the proverbial dust of the Earth, from whence it originally came. Towards the end of this natural cycle I will again be temporarily free of this mortal bond.

Soon enough, and in perfect accord with the natural laws of the universe, another body will form, one perfectly suited to me. When this occurs, I will once again be born into the material world.

Throughout this eternal cycle, I will never really be any older, nor younger. I will merely be me.

The natural laws that result in the physical changes we perceive as aging are working each and every illusionary second of our lives. But these laws apply only to our temporal selves. The part of us which we perceive as "I", is eternal and ageless.

So, if "Birthday" celebrations are in order, they should be all about the blessed time when we return to this physical existence to continue the great work and missions of our lives.

Since we don't actually get any older, as far as time and space goes, on any particular day, shouldn't the so-called "Birthday Party" last our whole life long?

Some people would say this is a crazy idea. They would say I'm just no fun.

Go figure.

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