How to Bring Down Monsanto: The California GMO Labeling

“We are taking a strong stand for labeling. We are ready to join the rest of the people in the world who have been actively protesting GMOs and demand what we want. An initiative movement does not replace what others have been doing, nor does it mean we don’t continue with other efforts: voting with our dollars; getting signatures for the Organic Consumers’ Association’s “Truth in Labeling” campaign; educating people like the Institute for Responsible Technology’s “tipping point” campaign to help open the eyes of consumers to their supreme power over what companies do; putting pressure on store and food producers to get Non-GMO Project certification for every state; actively putting pressure on legislators as individuals and by responding to petitions brought to us by groups like the Food and Water Watch and Credo ; supporting the Center for Food Safety fighting for us in court, etc. These efforts are, in fact, the very reasons we have enough support to run a successful campaign today, so we have to keep up the pressure and continue supporting the groups behind it. Every angle, every campaign moves us forward…”

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