How to Buy the Best Vegan Cheese Without Ever Leaving Home

Why would you buy congealed milk stolen from a mother cow when the yummiest vegan cheeses are just a few clicks away? (Spoiler alert: You wouldn’t.) From vegan cheddar to dairy-free feta, the internet truly has it all. So leave the coagulated cow’s milk on the shelf and buy these online instead:

Vegan American Cheese

If you’re making vegan grilled cheese, chances are you’re in need of some nondairy American cheese. Opt for Daiya’s American Style Slices—find them online at Target or Vegan Essentials.

Vegan Shredded Cheese

Most vegan pizza and taco recipes call for shredded vegan cheese—and thankfully, Miyoko’s Creamery now offers vegan shreds, too. Extra-thankfully, you can buy them online via Mercato: Order yourself some Farmhouse Cheddar or Pepper Jack vegan shredded cheese.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese

What’s a vegan cheese list without a Violife shout out? Thanks to Vegan Essentials, you can get Violife vegan cheddar shreds, slices, blocks, and even vegan cheddar cream cheese delivered straight to your front porch (perfect for when you’re staying home).

Vegan Provolone Cheese

In addition to possible traces of blood and pus from cows’ infected udders, dairy provolone contains a hidden ingredient: cruelty. Luckily, Field Roast’s Creamy Original Chao Slices are super-delicious and contain none of the above. Order yours from Target or Vegan Essentials.

Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Perfect for a fresh caprese salad or veggie wrap, MozzaRisella’s products perfectly mimic dairy cheese, without the needless suffering. Try the classic mozzarella or the smoked kind.

Vegan Parmesan Cheese

You know those shaker bottles of grated Parmesan cheese? Now that you know dairy cheese comes from cows—who are friends, not milk machines or food—choose vegan Parmesan options like the ones from Follow Your Heart, GO VEGGIE, and Thrive Market.

Vegan Brie Cheese

I used to eat brie cheese made with cow’s milk back before I realized that cows are as relatable and individual as the two dogs I share my home and heart with. Now, I eat vegan brie cheese, and the organic unbrielievable wedge by Nuts for Cheese is easily a favorite.

Vegan Cream Cheese

Speaking of cream cheese, if you can’t find fan favorite Better Than Cream Cheese by Tofutti at your local Kroger or Aldi grocery store, you can still find it online—it’s the perfect accompaniment to any bagel. “It is so creamy and smooth,” one reviewer commented.

Vegan Blue Cheese

The only thing worse than stolen congealed milk is moldy stolen congealed milk. Instead, make the center of your vegan charcuterie board a delicious vegan blue cheese, like the cultured artisan one by The Frauxmagerie.

Vegan Feta Cheese

Whether you’re making a vegan spanakopita, tabbouleh, or a Greek salad, you’re probably going to want some vegan feta. Esti’s plant-based feta-style block is perfect for all of the above—plus, the main ingredient is coconut oil, so it’s practically a superfood.

Vegan Goat Cheese

Goats wag their tails and form strong bonds with one another, just like the dogs we call our best friends. But just like cows, goats are abused and killed for their milk. Leave goat cheese on the shelf and order some creamy vegan cheese by Spero Foods instead.

Vegan Gorgonzola Cheese

Like dairy-free goat cheese, vegan Gorgonzola is delicious crumbled over a salad. Try Reine’s Fauxgonzola, made with cashews and spirulina. When you can’t make it to Lassens or your local grocery store, order it online via Azure Standard!

Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Some ricotta cheese is made of sheep’s milk. When sheep are depressed, they hang their heads and avoid company (much like humans), but when they’re content, they socialize and wag their tails (like dogs and goats). Give them something to wag their tails about—opt for vegan almond ricotta, shipped straight to you from Three Girls Vegan Creamery.


Just like humans, mother cows carry their babies for nine months and produce milk to nurse them. So the only way for humans to consume it—the only way to make dairy cheese—is to tear the cow’s baby away from her and steal her milk. Whether from a cow, a goat, or a sheep, cheese and other dairy “products” cause animal suffering. Please, ditch dairy cruelty, buy vegan cheese online, and go vegan now. Click on the button below to do more to help cows who are exploited for milk and cheese.

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