HRC Decries Religious Political Group’s Attacks On Evertz Selection To AIDS Post

On April 12th, The Human Rights Campaign decried a push by extreme right

wing religious political organizations to pressure the Bush administration

into dropping Scott H. Evertz as their selection for the director of the

Office of National AIDS Policy. These attacks reveal the true agenda of

these groups promoting discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans,

says HRC.

“These far right religious political groups have sent a clear

message that a person’s sexual orientation ought to be a disqualifying

factor in employment,” said HRC Political Director Winnie Stachelberg. “A

person ought to be judged, not for who they are, but for their ability to

honorably serve this country.”

Several religious political extremist groups reportedly are meeting

at the Family Research Council’s Washington headquarters today to strategize

on ways to thwart the selection of Evertz. The leaders of several

conservative groups have expressed outrage at the administration for hiring

a qualified individual – simply because he is gay.

“President Bush may think the Log Cabin Republicans delivered him

the election,” American Renewal President Richard Lessner told the

Washington Post. “If that is the case, he is sorely deluded.”

“Evertz’s whole approach is homosexuality is a viable life

alternative…that it’s part of God’s design in humanity,” said Lou Sheldon,

chairman, Traditional Values Coalition, in the newspaper. “Bible-believing

Christians don’t believe that for one second.”

“It is interesting that Sheldon is opposing Evertz for his religious

beliefs,” said Stachelberg. “During the Ashcroft hearings, Sheldon said that

to oppose a person based on religious beliefs is ‘insulting and dangerous to

religious freedom.'”

Evertz, who was selected on Wednesday to head ONAP, is the Wisconsin

president of the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest lesbian and gay

Republican group. During the presidential campaign he was one of a dozen

openly gay Republicans to meet with Bush in Austin.

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