HRC Labels The Traditional Values Coalition’s Lou Sheldon’s Attack On The Families Of Gay Terrorism Victims Heartless

On October 8th, The Human Rights Campaign called Rev. Lou Sheldon’s

heartless attack on the families of gay victims who died in the September 11

terrorist strike an assault on basic human dignity. Sheldon’s inflammatory

remarks are divisive and come at a time when Americans are rallying to come

together and assist all families affected by the terrorist attacks, Says


In a Cybercast News Service report, Sheldon, chairman of the

anti-gay Traditional Values Coalition, bitterly complained that the American

Red Cross and other relief agencies were allowing the partners of gay

victims to be eligible for relief funds.

“Relief organizations should be first giving priority to those

widows who were at home with their babies, and those widowers who lost their

wives,” Sheldon said in the CNS article. “It should be given on the basis

and priority of one man and one woman in a marital relationship.

This is just another example of how the gay agenda is seeking to overturn

the one man-one woman relationship from center stage in America, taking

advantage of this tragedy.”

“We are dismayed that Sheldon would choose this time to attack families who

are in mourning and dealing with the loss of a loved one,” said HRC

Political Director Winnie Stachelberg. “Relief should be given regardless of

sexual orientation. We are disappointed, but not surprised, that Sheldon

would inflict hurt at a time when healing is needed.”

Addressing HRC’s National Dinner on Saturday evening, Sen. Hillary Clinton,

D-N.Y., said that the surviving partners of gay and lesbian victims of the

terrorist attacks should get the same benefits that the families of other

victims receive, saying “domestic partners should enjoy the same benefits

afforded other couples.”

“We have to make clear that what we’re fighting for is our values,” said

Clinton. “And that includes ending discrimination against gays and lesbians

once and for all.” According to Clinton, that includes the same health

insurance, inheritance, property taxes and other assistance.

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