HRC Takes Issue With President Bush

On April 25th, The Human Rights Campaign took issue with President
Bush's assertion that Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., is, "an inclusive man."
In an Associated Press article earlier this week, Santorum linked
homosexuality with incest.

"We strongly take issue with the President and his assertion
that Sen. Santorum is in any way inclusive of this country's gay
community. In his 2000 campaign, the President said he was a 'uniter,
not a divider.' Sen. Santorum's remarks are deeply discriminatory and
are antithetical to bringing people together. If this is how the
President defines inclusion, then it clearly calls into question the
depth of compassion in his conservatism," said HRC Executive Director
Elizabeth Birch.

In December 2002, Sen. Trent Lott made remarks at Sen. Strom
Thurmond's 100th birthday party that that many interpreted as supporting
segregation. In response to Lott's statements, President Bush said, "We
must continue our advance toward full equality for every citizen, which
demands the guarantee for civil rights for all."

"The real question before us right now, is whether or not the
President actually supports inclusion and equality, or if it is simply
something that is convenient from time to time," said Birch. "President
Bush should directly address the substance of Santorum's anti-gay

Republican Senators Lincoln Chafee, Susan Collins, Gordon Smith
and Olympia Snowe have all criticized Sen. Santorum's remarks. In
addition, the Republican Unity Coalition, whose officials include former
President Gerald Ford and Mary Cheney, The Republican Maintstreet
Partnership and the Log Cabin Republicans have also spoken out against
the statements.

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