Hundreds of Border Residents Rally to Reject Trump’s Border Wall

Sierra Club joined with allies in a massive call-to-action against budget proposals to fund Trump’s border wall. Trump’s administration has already waived tens of health and environmental laws, and threatens to tear communities apart and fragment public lands with additional wall construction. Sierra Club continues to stand with immigrant communities who will be deeply affected by this project. The two day event featured a spiritual procession, huge rally and hike through the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge– which Trump is eyeing as a first site for wall construction.In response the Sierra Club issued the following statements.

“The solidarity displayed today is proof that the impacts of a border wall would be wide-ranging and truly devastating to border communities and ecosystems alike. Trump has doubled down on his inhumane, anti-environmental agenda– waiving important laws and chopping up protected lands with this border wall. For him this is purely political, but for the people and natural places this wall would affect, the consequences are irreversible and extremely dangerous, ” said Loren Blackford, Sierra Club president.

“Once again, locals raised their voices in opposition to this shameful, political prop of a wall. This administration’s disrespect for our communities, the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge and endangered species is a direct attack on South Texas’ local economy and natural landscapes. Most importantly, this endangers tens of thousands of our community members and our region’s wildlife– it’s an extreme and ill-thought disgrace,” said Reggie James, Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter Director.

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