In Attacking California, Trump Administration Tries Again to Dismantle Clean Air and Climate Protections

The Trump administration announced it was suing the state of California over its decision with Quebec to mutually recognize pollution reductions under California’s enforceable pollution limit as part of the Western Climate Initiative. 

“This is another attempt by the Trump administration to dismantle clean air laws and climate protections across the country. The administration continues to pursue policies that increase pollution.

“Under Republican and Democratic governors, California rigorously designed this program to be on solid legal and constitutional ground.

“California and Quebec are modeling an innovative, legally and environmentally robust program that cuts pollution and delivers economic incentives for cleaner energy, fuels and business practices.

“The administration is yet again not only tearing down critical health protections and safeguards, but is going after others who seek to uphold or extend them.”

  • Derek Walker, Vice President, U.S. Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

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