Inroads to Justice: From Protest to Policy

When 2020 began, few could have imagined what this year would entail. From COVID-19 to racial injustice and civil uprisings to protecting our elections’ integrity, if there ever was a time that underscored the importance of collective action, and the significance of activism, it is now. As a community, we’ve had to forge together, uplift our shared goals of dismantling systemic racism, achieve racial equity, and create a pathway forward in the wake of lacking leadership.

At the NAACP, our history and legacy dictate that we’ve overcome moments like this repeatedly. Because of supporters, activists, and partners that undergird the work we do day-in and day-out, we’re able to keep the community informed, uplifted, and marching toward the long arc of justice. While we’ve had to adjust how we organize, mobilize and prioritize our fight for justice, we haven’t lost sight of the real power that lives within these movements—the people. The programs and initiatives we’ve executed this year have made an impact because of your support.

These include:

  • Developing thousands of black youth through high academic and cultural achievement programs like ACT-SO
  • Advocating for smarter, results-based criminal justice policies to keep our communities safe
  • Supporting our efforts in training community leadership in addressing the human and civil rights issue of climate change, which has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low-income communities in the United States and around the world
  • Supporting and raising awareness for political, educational, social and economic equality for communities of color in the electoral and legislative process1

In these challenging times, social justice and human rights advocacy require robust engagement in fighting systemic racism and oppression against Black and Brown communities. In our pursuit of justice for Black people, eliminating discrimination is critical to creating a better world.

The generous contributions we’ve received from businesses and countless others fuel the fight against all forms of bigotry, racism, violence, and subjugation is a step in the right direction. The work to upend the dark underbelly of discrimination within this country and around the world demands engagement from all people, sectors, and industries. This moment goes beyond financial responsibility and impresses all of us to ensure the Black community’s political and social prosperity.

As our community simultaneously battles two pandemics – the coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing surge of Jim Crow era racism – we bear witness to a new civil rights movement. And as we lead this new movement – one that centers the Black community and the Black agenda – we’re counting on you to help us build the nation we deserve. The NAACP has and will continue to invest contributions into our community through economic empowerment programs, youth development, voting rights protections, and social justice reform.

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