Introducing African Wildlife To U.S. Breadbasket

The Great Plains may be donating a portion of its ranching and farming space to wild roaming elephants, lions, and other African species. Last week's issue of the journal Nature highlights a proposal from a group of prominent ecologists, backed by major sponsors like Ted Turner, who believe an important way to save threatened African species is to introduce them to North America. The study claims the process would restore North America to the state of rich biodiversity it enjoyed over 10,000 years ago, before over-hunting took away native wildlife like the mastadons, camels and saber-toothed cats. "Just when you think the world has gotten as weird as it can get, something like this comes along," said Steve Pilcher, executive vice president of the Montana Stockgrowers Association. "I wonder how many calves or lambs it would take to feed a family of lions for a month?"

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