It's All Up To You

Throughout the year I write about many things. And I get a lot of mail. When you express opinions on a variety of subjects, there are always those willing and eager to share their own thoughts. I also get lots of questions.

Interestingly, I find a common thread running throughout this rich fabric of communication. It is always there, and has been for as far back as I can remember.

Actually there are two threads, though so tightly entwined as to be almost one: People want to know if their existence makes any difference in the world and they want to know if there is anything we as individuals can really do to make the world a better place.

To the first I always smile and say yes, the existence of each individual person and everything that person thinks, says or does absolutely makes a difference in the world. And to the second point I say yes as well. There certainly is something we can do to make the world a better place.

The trouble with each of these equations is that they are in fact equations. As to the difference our existence makes in the universe, it isn't a question of if, but rather one of degree. It isn't about whether our actions change things for the better today or whether we had a positive effect this week so much as it is the sum total of our impact over a lifetime.

So we can do a lot of negative things in the early days of life and then change our ways and in the end do so much good for the remaining years, we end up having a positive impact.

Those who hear me talk about this want to know one thing. If our life is one long equation then who keeps score? Where are the numbers written and recorded?

Some religions talk about the Great Book of Life in which is written the story of each of our lives. While this is a myth, there is a perfect record current up to the nano second. As to where it is, well, the answer is, it is written everywhere.

Understanding how the information is written and stored is not hard for us modern persons who are used to working with giant storehouses of information like the internet. Just think of all matter as a sea of vibrating, pulsating pure energy. Physical matter manifests to our senses as objects. But what we are really seeing is pure energy vibrating at different rates. The same energy can manifest as metal, a piece of fruit or even as flesh and bone.

If you brake matter down to it's purest form, you find pure energy.

This is why matter can neither be destroyed or created; only changed. When we pick up an apple, we are changing the universe. Cutting up and eating the apple alters it further. The cause and effect of these and all actions are always in perfect harmony with natural law. Even our thoughts are vibrating things of pure energy. They too affect the universe in the same way as every other action.

In the final analysis, we too are composed entirely of pure vibrating energy. And like all other manifestations we have a polarity. This polarity can be either negative or positive in nature depending the people, places and things with which we come into contact. Everything either attracts or repels everything else just like the north and south poles of magnets.

Our actions affect not only the rate of vibration and but also the polarity that sums up our being. And this polarity determines the people, the places and the physical things to which we are attracted throughout our lives here on Earth. This is called the Law of Cause and Affect

The equation of our lives is written within the vibrating energy the comprises our being. The rate of vibration and the polarity are always the perfect manifestation of all the thoughts, acts and deeds of our past and present. The thoughts we are thinking this very moment and the deeds we are doing are continually added to the equation and contributing in a negative or positive way to our lives and to the entire universe.

Just as a stone cast into a still pool of water sends ripples in all directions, our thoughts, acts and deeds continuously alter the energy flow, changing the world around us. Hence how well or poorly we exist is totally in our own hands. Each of us has that innate ability to change the world and create the kind of future we experience.

Making a positive difference happens when we concentrate on making ourselves better: physically, mentally and spiritually. Doing so includes creating a personal environment for living and working that is positive, peaceful and in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Learning to exist in harmony with the energy flow and bio-systems of the Earth is the greatest work and mission of each human person. Preaching to others about the right way to live is meaningless. Making an excellent example of one's own life is the only way to make the world a "better" place.

Complaining about fate and moaning over the trials and tribulations life brings is fruitless, ridiculous and bound to result in self-fulfilling prophecy. That's why when folks ask me what kind of world their children will inherit, what kind of future we all can hope for in what appears to be dark or negative times, I always smile and simply say . . . it's all up to you!

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