Kristoff’s Happily Ever After: a Turkey Fairy Tale #AnimalRescue

Once upon a time, Kristoff was just one among thousands born at a commercial hatchery. Industry standards would dictate that she be debeaked without anesthesia when she was just days old, and forced to live in extreme confinement among thousands of other turkeys on a factory farm. Within just four to five months, Kristoff would have reached “market weight” and been sent to slaughter – but fortunately, a fairytale ending awaited Kristoff and her companions, and they escaped this fate with a little help from a friend.

Kristoff kept warm while molting thanks to Humanimal Caregiver (and turkey sweater designer) Abbie Rogers.

Sven, Kristoff, and Robin Williams



Staff members at our New York Shelter had just rolled in to start the workday one fateful spring morning in 2014. And 24 baby turkeys, including the yet-to-be named Kristoff, were there to greet them. Clearly, someone —  the Turkey Fairy?

— had delivered these young “poults” to us in the hopes that we could save them. They were dirty, sick, and in desperate need of proper care. So we set to work on ensuring Kristoff and her friends had second chance at life.

Her friends?” you might ask. Yes, Kristoff a she. Long story short: We wanted to name some of the turkeys after one characters in our favorite Disney film, Frozen. That said, we were not yet quite certain of the turkeys’ sexes… ah well, “Let It Go.” Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf all turned out to be female.


Curious Kristoff engages with Buzzfeed senior editor Chelsea Marshall.

These days, Kristoff is a happy and healthy member of our Watkins Glen flock, and it is an honor to interact with this sweet girl each day.

Kristoff enjoys frolicking with her fellow
turkey ladies and enjoying the finer things in life (like snacking on dried cranberries and modeling couture sweaters when she’s moulting).


Gerda, Olaf, Cecelia, Anna, and Kristoff were the envy of the flock in their couture sweaters designed by Caregiver Abbie Rogers.

Here, “For the First Time in Forever,” she can receive the care and love she needs to thrive.  And you can help!  Kristoff is one of six turkeys you can sponsor this Thanksgiving through our Adopt a Turkey Project. For the past 30 years, we’ve encouraged people to participate in a compassionate holiday tradition by sponsoring one of our resident turkeys, helping us rescue animals and provide care for them at our sanctuaries, as well as educate and advocate for turkeys and other farm animals everywhere.


Some 235 million-plus turkeys are eaten each year in the U.S.; 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for Thanksgiving alone. Thank you for sharing Kristoff’s story and help us show the world that turkeys are friends, not food.



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