Leo’s Killer Handed Sentence

Animal advocates around the country are rejoicing over the sentence handed

down Friday (07/13) to Andrew Burnett, the man convicted in June of

killing Leo the dog during a vicious road rage incident. Reflecting the

strong public sentiment against Burnett’s actions and his lack of remorse,

California Superior Court Judge Kevin J. Murphy sentenced Mr. Burnett to

three years in jail, the maximum penalty allowable by law. The sentencing

came despite a previous recommendation by the Santa Clara County Probation

Department that he be given mere probation. The terrible killing of Leo

attracted national attention, and was recently highlighted in Senator

Robert Byrd’s passionate speech on the Senate floor, where he called the

incident “a monstrous, brutal, barbaric act” while appealing for more

humane treatment of animals.


Send your letters of thanks to Judge Murphy to:

The Honorable Kevin Murphy

Hall of Justice

190 West Hedding St.

Department 31

San Jose, CA 95110

fax: 408-295-5074.

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