Maxie: This Kid Has Moxie #AnimalRescue

She arrived looking like a stuffed animal, and that is how she’d been treated: like a cute stuffed animal who would make an adorable mascot.

Three years ago, the Tompkins County SPCA was contacted by the house manager of a fraternity whose members had purchased this tiny baby; he was concerned for the kid’s future. Baby goats need bottle-feeding, warmth, and constant care.

She has arrived- Moxie Maxie

Checking out the other patients in the Melrose Hospital.

Maxie loves the freedom of the open pasture- no closed-up frat house for this kid.

The bale jump- another bold move for this tiny little gal.

Showing the Moxie- brave goat on a rock wall. Maxie is amazing!!

Posing for this one- seriously.

Playing with forever friends and herdmates Ingrid and Marilyn

It’s me- Maxie

Hellos John. Nice to meet you!

ooooh Jess- that scratching is just what I needed



Day one, arrival, after a few grueling days spent at frat house. Nobody asked to be the mascot. 



Maxie loved looking out the window at our onsite Melrose Small Animal Hospital and into the other pen to check out her chicken pals. 

They also need plenty of sleep, and frat parties and frat houses are no place for little baby goats (or any baby). So thankfully, the SPCA agreed to help, and thanks to enforcement of zoning laws, Maxie could be picked up and brought to our New York Shelter.


No friends yet, but this tiny stuffed pig will due for right now. 

She was not being abused, but again, she was not being seen for who she was: a newborn baby who needed a suitable home and place to grow up.


“Check out my new digs and this great bale playground.” 

And Maxie did need care. Arriving with pneumonia, she needed treatment (which of course she got). She also needed more feedings than she had been receiving in order to gain some weight.


Maxie’s tub.

She immediately feel in love with all of her caregivers and spent hours playing with them.


Caregivers sure are fun to play around with but someone needs to teach them some better dance moves. 

She spent hours playing with her caregivers, that is, until she got the dream of all baby goats: a family. Goats are herd animals and feel far safer in a group of their own people — and the group Maxie was introduced to included two kids, just born at the sanctuary and only a few weeks younger than she was.



Delilah and her two daughters move into the next pen and life changes for the better. 

And they had a beautiful mom, Delilah, who acted like she was also Maxie’s mom and accepted the tiny orphan as her own.


The girls. Maxie, Ingrid, and Marilyn bask in the sun and in the warmth of their new friendship and family.


But unlike the other two kids (Ingrid and Marilyn), Maxie kept her independent streak and her loving, brave, and gregarious personality. She was raised at first by humans, you see, and she met so many other species early on during her walks around the farm as a tiny baby.


“Hello, Daisy turkey — just passing through.”

She shied away from nothing — any newcomer was her friend.


“This is either one very large goat or one very small cow.” Maxie makes friends with new girl Chandini.

She also is known for her huge smile and her in-your-face attitude — her moxie.



She has always been vocal, and if you call her, she immediately calls back with a “ga ga ga” sound to ensure that you know she heard you. Usually when she hears people she knows, her head is out of the gate and she is calling to her human friends.


“Hey — it’s me — come over here.”

She has kept her best friends, but added another super-special goat, Nancy, to her inner circle. She loves her herd and spends all her time with them, but still comes running when she hears her name.


First snow, and what else is there to do but stick your head into it?

And this popular girl was just featured by The Dodo, with a very cute video of her stuffed-animal look — a cute little white fluffball. (As she’s grown, she has gotten far more coloring to her hair — and a lot more attitude.)


Still together and all grown up, Maxie and her girlfriends Marilyn and Ingrid. 

We hope she will always be the silly clown, lover of life, and the goat with all the moxie — our beautiful girl Maxie.


A bit larger, but still with her people. Ingrid, Maxie, and Marilyn enjoying the snow this winter. 

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