MOBIL SCHMOBIL – Celebrate Independence From Corporado Enemies of the Earth

As a rule, I don’t run reprints in this column, but this event in early July called by the group PressurePoint seems like an important exception. The first week of July has been designated as a WEEK OF ACTION AGAINST EXXON/MOBIL. Exxon/Mobil, besides denying the validity of climate change and being MAJOR enemies of the Earth, are one of the biggest proponents of corporate globalization, and ran advertisements in most major US newspapers saying that US and the rest of the Americas should sign onto the FTAA. So, here’s the alert. Now it’s your turn. Exxon and Mobil gas stationsare conveniently located near you!


PressurePoint has called for and is coordinating an INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION against Exxon Mobil in response to President Bush’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol Treaty on climate change. The actions will be held in the first week of July in the lead up to the July 16 climate negotiations in Germany, and will be part of an ongoing campaign on climate and fossil fuels. World outrage is focused on the US and oil companies like ExxonMobil, which has consistently lobbied against the seriousness of global warming. The US contributes 25% of the world’s greenhouse emissions despite having just 4% of the world’s population.

Activists from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Nigeria, Cameroon, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Central America, and throughout Europe have begun moblizing for the protests. In the US, PressurePoint already has commitments for ten protests at ExxonMobil gas stations in the Pacific Northwest, and in many major US cities. The protests are in support of the call for an international boycott of US oil companies.

Exxon Mobil continues to fund “greenhouse skeptics”, has spent millions on greenwash advertisements, was one of the top contributors to Bush’s election, and has been active in lobbying the US government to reject the Kyoto Protocol. ExxonMobil also has a terrible human rights and environmental record. Targeting Exxon Mobil, the biggest US corporation and its best known oil company, will spearhead the campaign and send a message to all US oil companies that the US needs to take climate change seriously.

Join the global and regional effort to let ExxonMobil and George W Bush know it’s not up to them to determine our planet’s future, that we will no longer tolerate oil drilling in our last wildernesses like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and that they have to make the shift from exploration to renewable energy NOW.

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