New Year Of Light

The new year is once again upon us. Will it be one of hope? Will it see sanity and peace return to our nation and the world? Or will blind greed and mass denial reign. These questions, and a hundred more like them, torment the minds of every weary, tired and torn child of light as yet another new year dawns.

The answers are the same as always. What will be will be. We can do very little to change it. So we must always focus on that little bit we can do and hope that it is enough.

It is like the story that was often told when I was a boy. Since a part of the land in Holland is below sea level, the ocean is held back by a series of earthen dams. Should any one dam break, there could be great loss of life and property. Fine cracks are early warning signs a dam is giving way. Then a tiny hole forms when one of the cracks widens. Water begins coming through, quickly enlarging the opening causing the dam to fail.

As the story went, two small boys were playing near a dam when one noticed a small hole through which water was squirting. Instead of fleeing for his life, the boy ran over and plugged the hole with his finger while sending the other to bring help.

The boys could only do this one small thing, but it was enough to save the day.

We must look at this world as a living, breathing entity. From the dust or "matter" of the living Earth, vessels are formed which we know as our physical bodies. We enter the exact ones fashioned for each of us at birth. But we should never forget that while these flesh and bones vessels are certainly part of the living, breathing Earth, we are just visiting. While here, we can either be symbionts or parasites.

As you know, symbionts are animals or plants living in close and often mutually beneficial association with other different species. Parasites live off of other organisms, usually causing them harm, and in some cases, death.

It is hard to remember that we are not the flesh we wear. After all, our bodies feel so comfortable. But that's because they are indeed custom made just for each of us. And this is also why it is so hard to remember that we are in charge of our bodies and not the other way around.

In fact, many of us never realize we are a separate entity from the flesh. These people think the purpose of their lives is to satisfy every hunger, need & whim their bodies demand. Entire generations are taught this kind of behavior from birth. Apparently no amount of greed can satiate their growing gluttony. This includes the quest for power and for celebrity.

Our recorded history and the prehistory of ages past is filled with accounts of the consequences of such behavior. It is one of abuse, oppression and great waste, pain and suffering. It is also a story of the few who endlessly strive to overcome these things.

Those of us who would have it otherwise have always been in the minority. And thus it shall be for eons to come. We must find peace in our greater awareness. We must find the strength to keep light and love alive in this world for those who come after.

We must find personal joy and serenity in keeping our physical bodies healthy, our personal environments clean, simple and beautiful to behold and our minds and actions free of all impure thoughts, acts and deeds. Let our lives be examples of harmony and peace. All other forms of preaching amount to hypocrisy.

We only enjoy limited control over our own lives. We cannot be responsible for others and the way they choose to live and behave. We all learn by example and inner awakening. We must be content to know what we know. A rational person is aware that fire burns; others must see their entire home consumed by flame before they can learn the same lesson.

It is a heavy cross to bear. Few things are more heart wrenching that living among fools who wink at fate. But bear it we must. Even the fools and their masters know where it is all heading. Yet they keep the throttle at full speed and ignore the obvious destination, in spite of every sane argument and so-called scientific evidence.

Some form of apocalypse is generic to the teachings of all religions and schools of arcane knowledge or meta-physical thought. This is when the evil world as we know it ends and there is a rebirth of goodness and light.

The event chronicled as "Noah's Flood" is thought to be the most recent such occurrence.

Basically when the balance of nature gets to far out of kilter, the Earth rises up and does what she can to smite the petulance from her. One sign of this is when cracks form in the dam of what we might call the bio-systems or ecology of the entire planet.

These cracks are seen as a significant increase in catastrophic tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Widespread genocide, disease and famine are also good indicators of the devastation to come.

Even the thought patterns and over-all mental state of all conscious beings who live upon the Earth are said to be a factor in bringing about the "Final Days".

If you doubt there could ever really be a single great apocalyptic event large enough to wipe out life as we know it, answer this one question if you can. The world has been capable of supporting intelligent life for tens of millions of years. So why do our records only go back to a few thousand years BC?

Considering the age of the Earth, we only just got here! Dozens & dozens of civilizations such as our could have come and gone with plenty of geological time to spare!

The good news is, matter how hugs the catastrophic event might be, just like in Noah's time, there are always enough pockets of humanity left to begin life anew. Sort of like New Years Day, only on a colossal scale.

New vessels of flesh and bones will be produced. What will be will be. We can do very little to change it. Perhaps thousands upon thousands of years hence, you and I will find ourselves playing by an earthen dam when we spy water spurting through a tiny hole.

Perhaps the little we can do will once again be enough.

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