New York Governor Pataki Endorses Cruel Treatment Of Wildlife

Despite overwhelming legislative support and thousands of calls
flooding his office asking him to support S. 2735a, New York's bill to
ban the inhumane and unsporting trophy shooting of captive, exotic
animals at "canned hunts," Governor George Pataki has shockingly
vetoed the popular bill.

Governor Pataki may attempt to masquerade as
an animal advocate by occasionally signing some non-controversial
legislation to protect dogs or cats, but his decision to veto this
much-needed legislation will result in untold suffering for wild
animals and it reveals that he is not a genuine advocate of humane
treatment. Although it's too late for the canned hunt bill, we
must make sure Governor Pataki does not betray the animals again. Call
his office and let him know how disappointed you are that he vetoed S.
2735a, showing his complete disregard for the animals and for public

Phone: 518-474-8390
Fax: 518-474-1513
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