Partying with Pigs and More Farm Sanctuary Life! #AnimalRescue

Our turkey residents have spent the past several weeks partying at our Celebration for the Turkeys events. But don’t worry — our non-turkey residents weren’t left out of the fun! Celebration for the Turkeys guests mingled with residents from chickens to cattle, and our pig residents enjoyed some very special seasonal treats: pumpkins and squash!

Chuck delighted with his treat

A big smile from Chuck




Ellen chowing down





Chuck chomping down on a pumpkin treat.

These special snacks are among the pigs’ favorite foods — from young piglets to elderly herd matriarch Truffles! Watching them chow down on their treats is always lots of fun.


Truffles is all smiles.

If you, like us, can’t get enough of seeing rescued farm animals having fun, read on!

The documentary series 60 Second Docs recently featured some of the animals and “humanimals” of our Southern California Shelter, focusing on the rescued turkeys who call Farm Sanctuary home. Watch it here:

The Hollywood Reporter also made a recent visit the Southern California Shelter, shooting a live video with the incredible animal advocate Kat Von D (who was recently honored for her work on behalf of farm animals at our 30th Anniversary Gala) and some of her closest sanctuary friends, including several turkey residents as well as her “boyfriend” Bruno steer! Catch the replay here:

Meanwhile, in Northern California, Action News Now spread the word about the Celebration for the Turkeys, interviewing Shelter Manager Kate Powell about how the rescued turkeys in our care act as ambassadors, helping the people they meet come to see every turkey as someone, not something.



See photos from the Northern California, Southern California, and New York Celebrations, and watch a compassionate turkey dinner being made by Kat Von D, Moby, and Jamie Kilstein below:

For more Farm Sanctuary updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Want to meet our incredible rescued residents in person? Learn how to visit here. Want to help? Your support makes our rescue, education, and advocacy efforts possible. You can also help by sharing our residents’ stories to spread the word that farm animals like them are each someone, not something. A compassionate world begins with you!


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