Perry Unmasks Himself as Climate Denier Ahead of Congressional Testimony

On June 19th, Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, revealed that he continues to be a denier of the overwhelming scientific consensus that man is driving the climate crisis during an extended interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box — the same program where EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt made national headlines by denying climate science — during which he promoted fossil fuels like natural gas. Perry said on the program that he does not believe carbon dioxide emissions from human activity are the main driver of the climate crisis, but rather “ocean waters and this environment that we live in”.
Perry will be testifying multiple times before Congress this week, shortly after making news last week that he would shutter the Department of Energy’s Office of International Climate and Technology.
In response, Sierra Club Climate Policy Director Liz Perera Released the Following Statement:
“Rick Perry’s outrageous comments are the latest indication that this administration will do everything in its power to put polluter profits ahead of science and public health. The truth is that it would be easy enough for Ricky Perry to get more clarity on the scientific consensus that man is driving the climate crisis: he could simply speak with climate scientists. But the deeper truth is that Perry’s comments have nothing to do with science or ‘debate.’ Perry’s comments are an expression of this administration’s complete and total subservience to fossil fuel billionaires, no matter the cost to the United States’ historic leadership role in the world or the health and safety of communities across the country.”

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