PETA Sues LSU Over Deadly Bird Experiments

PETA has filed a lawsuit that seeks to compel Louisiana State University (LSU) to disclose records—as required by the Louisiana Public Records Act—related to experimenter Christine Lattin’s taxpayer-funded experiments on sparrows.

Louisiana’s residents have a right to know if their tax dollars are funding bird abuse in LSU’s laboratories. PETA looks forward to receiving these records so that we can show the public how sparrows lived and died for Lattin’s cruel experiments.

PETA Challenges Experiments on Birds at LSU

Lattin is conducting experiments involving trapping sparrows in their natural homes, pumping them with sex hormones, exposing them to terrifying calls from predators, and then killing them.

PETA submitted seven requests for public records to LSU from May 30, 2019, to June 9, 2020. They included four requests for veterinary care and disposition records—i.e., records documenting the deaths of birds via deliberate killing when experiments ended—for birds used in Lattin’s laboratory. To date, LSU has not provided all records requested by PETA and even misleadingly claimed that some of the requested records do not exist.

We also requested correspondence related to Lattin’s prospective or planned trapping of or experimentation on birds, video records related to her experiments, and other records.

This isn’t the first time that LSU has tried to cover up the truth. USA Today recently sued the university after it refused to release reports on sexual misconduct allegations against one of its football players.

Take Action for Birds Trapped in Laboratories

House sparrows are one of the most widespread and abundant songbirds in the world today. They’re also monogamous, usually only breeding with one partner for a season, and both parents nurture and feed their young.

PETA sues LSU over Chrstine Lattin experiments on birds

Lattin must not continue her reign of terror on birds. Killing these sensitive, trusting beings who choose to live in such close proximity to humans is unjust and wrong.

Please, take action below and urge LSU to end her cruelty.

PETA sues LSU over Chrstine Lattin experiments on birds

Urge LSU to End Lattin’s Experiments on Birds

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