Poisoning Plan Will Hurt Wildlife

The National Park Service (NPS) is set to begin an ill-advised rat

poisoning plan on Anacapa Island, a part of California’s Channel Island

National Park. Although the plan is being touted as a means to protect

the island’s seabird population, critics of the plan fear that the ends do

not justify the means.

The poison of choice, brodifacoum, is both

extremely toxic and non-selective, meaning that other animals aside from

rats, including those who may feed on the bodies of poisoned rats, will

also be poisoned. Morever, the NPS plans to disperse the poison via

aerial drops, literally sprinkling the entire surface of the island with

deadly poison.

While the NPS does plan to trap and later release or

relocate many of the island’s deer mice and raptors to reduce non-target

mortality, the stress that such maneuvers will place on local wildlife

makes the plan all the more questionable.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please write to the NPS to object to the poisoning

program. Ask it to postpone poisoning until it has reevaluated the need

for the program and the negative impacts it could have on wildlife. Send

your letters to:

Tom Setnicka, Superintendent

Channel Islands National Park

1901 Spinnaker Dr.

Ventura, CA 93001

fax: 805-658-5799

ph: 805-658-5700

email: CHIS_Superintendent@nps.gov

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