Reversal In La Paz Dolphins Situation

After last week’s victorious announcement regarding the Mexican

government’s decision to close down the infamous, inhumane dolphin holding

tank in La Paz, Mexico, we received some unexpected, unfortunate news from


In a disappointing court decision, a Baja California Sur state

Supreme Court judge reversed the Environmental Enforcement Agency’s ruling

to shut the La Paz facility down. A rescue and rehabilitation plan had

already been worked out by the Mexican Marine Mammal Conservation Society

and the World Society for the Protection of Animals, and approved by

Lichtinger’s office, and the latest ruling has dashed the hopes of dolphin

advocates everywhere who had hoped for the dolphins’ release.

A spokesman for Mexican Environment Minister Victor Lichtinger remarked,

“This is a very grave situation, very grave indeed. We are extremely

worried. We believe the dolphins are at serious risk. . . . we are

calling on people everywhere-citizens, environmentalists, friends— to

apply social pressure to fight for their preservation.”


Call upon Baja California Sur state Governor Leonel Cota Montano to use

his influence with the owners of the FINS facility to press for the

release of the dolphins:

Lic. Leonel Cota Montano, Gobernador, Palacio de Gobierno

1er piso, 23000 La Paz

Baja California Sur ,MEXICO

Fax: 011 52 112 5 4190


(special tip: when sending your letters to Mexican officials, you can

translate your message into Spanish in one single click! Go to, and click on the “translate” tool button).

You can read the ongoing saga of the LaPaz dolphins (and view a video of

their abuse) online at:

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