San Diego Urban League Urges the Law Enforcement Agencies, Elected Officials and Community to Come Together #TragicDeath

The San Diego Urban League is deeply saddened by the tragic death of a young black man who was shot and killed by an El Cajon Police Officer. We are concerned greatly to find that the victim’s sister is quoted as saying that she called the police for help.  We are alarmed at the number of black males who recently have been shot by the law enforcement and have greater concern knowing that this tragedy can happen in our local community.

Law enforcement, elected officials and local leaders must come together to address with the community the issue that has led to this death and take the necessary steps to ensure no other family ever faces the loss of a son, father or brother at the hands of law enforcement. The pattern of shootings by police officers of unarmed black males is alarming to the Black community and raises questions regarding police officers’ training and racial bias.

Urban League of San Diego County requests that the El Cajon Police Department fully disclose the circumstance of this shooting to the community. The Police Department must act expediently to meet with the black community, governmental officials and local leaders. The integrity of the El Cajon Police Department is at stake.  Police Chief Jeff Davis must take building the Black community’s trust very seriously.

Urban League of San Diego County also insists that local law enforcement jurisdictions come together to address this issue to ensure necessary steps are taken to protect the well-being and safety of our Black men and communities.

The El Cajon police have acknowledged the victim was unarmed.

“At one point the man rapidly draw an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together on it and extended it rapidly draw the officer, taking what appeared to be a shooting stance, putting the object in the officer’s face. At this time one of the officers with the Taser, discharged his Taser in an effort to subdue the subject. Simultaneously, the officer who had the object pointed at him, discharged his firearm, striking the male,” El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis.

“The use of lethal force toward Black males in our community cannot be taken lightly and officers must be held accountable for taking such actions. Law enforcement must be trained to use a taser and other non-deadly tactics to manage situations in our community. Violence by law enforcement toward our Black males must stop.”  Stated Ray King, President of the Urban League of San Diego County enforcement toward our Black males must stop.”  Stated Ray King, President of the Urban League of San Diego County.

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