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It often seems we live in a world where order is defined by those who appear to be the most powerful. Those in power appear to determine the fate of nations. The "powers that be", appear above the "law", seemingly escaping justice themselves by establishing the definition of justice for all others.

Those not in so-called power, are thought to be at the mercy and whim of those who are; be they victims of tyranny or the lucky beneficiaries of benevolence. But what if this is only an illusion?

What if a higher power exists? One that really is in charge? What if all living things are innately subject to the laws put into place by this all powerful being or force?

I'm not talking about the human concept of a God; one that establishes a club on Earth to which we must belong in order to escape eternal damnation. What I am suggesting is a force of such power, magnitude and grace as to beggar our imaginations.

If anything, men and women create "religions" as a very human way of attempting to understanding this incredible, all-pervading force. Endowing our God with human-like attributes helps us pretend to "know" it in a more personal way. Establishing certain rules and regulations we assume our humanized deity requires, further helps us define the relationship.

For as long as we can remember, kings and other rulers have always claimed special privy to the wishes of their Gods. They draw strength from the hopeful suspicion that the "one true God" is using them to carry out its will. American Presidents have long held forth this hope, basing it on the theory that they lead a nation unified under God.

But what if the real force in charge of the universe, actually uses every living thing to carry out its will, rather than merely relying upon rulers and other so-called "religious leaders"?

What if the true ruler of the universe cherishes all life equally and recognizes none as being above, nor below, any other? Further, what if this supreme force sees all, hears all and knows all? And further still, what if this ultimate source of power dispenses perfect everlasting justice equally and impartially to all?

If this be so, no wrong ever goes unpunished and no selfless act every escapes its just reward. In such a world it is easy to love those who wrong us because in doing so they are hurting themselves equally as much, if not more.

Forgiving is also made easier because we know that when bad things happen to us, if they are in fact not deserved, we will be fairly compensated. But woe indeed to any who would choose to hold power or sway over others.

In choosing the path of power and rule, one must also accept the heavy responsibilities such positions entail. The good one can do as a ruler is greatly magnified, as is the evil, due to the far reaching effects ones actions can have on the multitudes. The cosmic rewards and punishments, which are after all, the inevitable consequences of governing, can also be magnified a hundred or a thousand fold in a totally just world.

Each of us creates our destinies by every thought, act and deed we carry out. Every action produces a reaction. Doing good begets good; evil begets evil. Ignorance of the consequences of our actions seems to matters little, if at all. Hence the innocent child is burned who touches the hot stove. And she will continue to be burned so long she chooses to do so.

We create leaders and leaders create the destinies of nations. Every citizen shares in the actions of their government and the consequences thereof. Those who put leaders into power enjoy the lions share of their fates.

Our President, those who govern with him, and many of those who put him into power have recently chosen to make war on a small nation of little threat or consequence to world peace. The rest of us looked on in a state of profound shock and awe!

It is impossible to imagine the immeasurable cosmic risk these people have taken upon themselves. It will be interesting to watch history unfold over the coming months and years, as the myriad consequences of these actions manifest in the lives of all who participated.

As always, righteousness will surely prevail! Perhaps God will even send us a sign to point the way . . . a new star rising in the East would be good; or better yet, a burning bush!

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