Sierra Club Echoes Inter-Tribal Coalition Call for Bears Ears National Monument – #BearsEarsNationalMonument

The Obama administration has announced it will hold a public meeting in Bluff, Utah, today on the proposed Bears Ears National Monument. Containing over 100,000 cultural sites, the Bears Ears is one of the most significant unprotected cultural and archaeological areas in the U.S. It is sacred ground to members of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition who have formally proposed the monument.

In anticipation of attending the meeting, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune  and Utah Chapter volunteer leader Wayne Hoskisson issued the following statements:

“We stand fully behind the Inter-Tribal Coalition and its desire to permanently protect the sacredness of Bears Ears. We welcome the opportunity to share our support with the Obama Administration. It is our sincere hope that after hearing the widespread support and seeing the immediate threats to this area, President Obama will act quickly to make it a national monument,” said Michael Brune, Sierra Club executive director.

“Looting, grave-robbing, and vandalism have become regular occurrences. Our leaders continue to let protection efforts drag out while irreparable damage is being done. Polling has shown that the majority of Utahns support safeguarding this area. The time for a Bears Ears National Monument is now,” said Wayne Hoskisson, a Utah Chapter volunteer leader from Moab, Utah.

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