Sierra Club Stands Against Dangerous Waivers for Trump Border Wall

President Trump has waived 28 more federal laws to begin construction on three miles of border wall in Calexico on top of the 37 already waived for construction near San Diego. These waivers include protections for public health, farmland, animal rights and environmental safeguards– dismissing laws like the Clean Air Act and Native American Graves Protection Act.


In response, Dan Millis of the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter Borderlands Program issued the following statement.

“Waiving important public health and environmental safeguards leaves border communities without the protections that other Americans count on every day. A decade of waiving laws along the border has demonstrated that doing so only causes harm to local communities, wildlife and wild places.


“Building more walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, and waiving environmental, historic and cultural safeguards in order to do so, is a terrible idea.”

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