Stop Frankenfish!

Obama’s Food & Drug Administration is considering an application from AquaBounty to commercialize genetically engineered salmon. This would be the first genetically engineered animal to enter the food supply.

The F.D.A. doesn’t have a special process for reviewing genetically engineered animals. It treats genetically engineered animals like veterinary drugs, and keeps the information the companies submit secret, on the basis that it’s proprietary. There’s no opportunity for the public to see the data, let alone offer evidence to rebut it.

There are serious concerns about the safety of genetically engineered salmon.

According to an expert panel from the Royal Society of Canada, scientists have documented “deleterious consequences to fish morphology, respiratory capacity, and locomotion associated with the introduction of growth hormone (GH) gene constructs in some transgenic variants of salmonids, notably Pacific and Atlantic salmon.” The panel concluded that this “is the rule rather than the exception in fish … [and] has been manifested by changes to enzyme activity, gross anatomy, behaviour and, in all likelihood, hormonal activity.”

The human health impacts of consuming food from salmon that are deformed by genetically engineered growth hormones is unknown and are not being discovered and made available to the public through the F.D.A. process.

Don’t let Obama’s Food & Drug Administration approve genetically engineered salmon!

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