"Suarez Six" Polar Bears Seized From Cruel Circus!

After tremendous pressure from thousands of animal advocates, humane
organizations, members of Congress, and a lawsuit filed by The Fund
for Animals and PETA, the "Suarez Six" polar bears, who languished for
well over a year in the Caribbean heat of Puerto Rico, have been
seized from the Suarez Bros. Circus by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

This week, the polar bears were sedated and flown via Federal
Express to their new homes. Sadly, one of the bears, "Royal," weakened
by long confinement in sweltering temperatures, did not survive the
journey. The remaining five bears are headed to various accredited
zoos throughout the U.S. "Baerle," the only female, is going to the
Detroit Zoo, "Wilhelm" and "Marsha" are headed to the North Carolina
Zoo in Asheboro. "Boris" and "Kenneth" are destined for the Point
Defiance Zoo, in Tacoma, Washington.

Compared to the tiny cages and
tropical heat they have been enduring in Puerto Rico, their new zoo
homes will be welcome havens. Congratulations and thanks to all who
helped the bears!

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