Take Action To Save AZ Mountain Lions

The Arizona Fish and Wildlife Service (AZ FWS) is gearing up to kill

dozens of mountain lions near Saguaro, Apache, and Canyon Lakes on the

Tonto National Forest. The AZ FWS plans to justify its killing plan by

calling it part of a study to “assess the impact of lion predation on

bighorn sheep.” In blaming mountain lions for the decline in bighorn

sheep numbers (leaving the hunters with less animals to kill), the AZ FWS

completely ignores the fact that drought and disease (introduced by

domestic sheep) have had a far greater impact on bighorn sheep populations

than mountain lions have. Furthermore, because the AZ FWS’ proposed

“experiment” has confounding variables and lacks a control group, any data

obtained will be impossible to interpret.


The AZ FWS must get approval from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)

before it can begin its killing plan. Please contact US FWS and ask them

to terminate AZ FWS’ mountain lion killing plan based on its lack of

scientific merit. Barring that, ask that they, at the very least, require

that the AZ FWS prepare an “Environmental Impact Statement” (EIS) on its

plans to kill the mountain lions.


Ms. Nancy Kaufman, Regional Director

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Region 2 Southwest Regional Office

P.O. Box 1306

Albuquerque, NM 87103-1306

phone: (505) 248-6282

fax: (505) 248-6910

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