Take The Initiative For Animals This November

This election day, six of the seven states that allow citizens' ballot initiatives are asking voters to make important choices that will affect animal protection. Because citizen-sponsored ballot initiatives are an important tool for citizens to enact legislation directly, they are a particularly critical component of animal protection. If you are registered to vote in Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Maine or Montana (or if you have friends who are), read up on the following ballot measures and cast your vote in favor of animal protection on Nov. 2!


Vote Yes: Ballot Measure 3, which would outlaw cruel bear baiting.

Vote No: Ballot Measure 1, which would increase the requirements to qualify a citizen initiative for the ballot.


Vote No: Proposition 101, requires any voter-approved measure that expends state funds to provide its own special funding source (tax or fee).

Vote No: Proposition 104, which would make it much more difficult to gather the requisite number of signatures for citizen initiatives.


Vote No: Proposition 64, which would take away the rights of citizens to challenge unfair business practices (including those that might harm animals).


Vote No: Amendment 2, a referendum, put on the ballot by legislators, that would make it much harder for activists to collect enough signatures to place a measure on the ballot.

Vote No: Amendment 4, which would boost the greyhound racing industry by allowing slot machines at dog tracks.


Vote Yes: Question 2, which would ban the killing of bears using baiting, hounding and trapping.


Vote No: C-41, which would make hunting, fishing and trapping a constitutional right.

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