That Old-Time Hypocrisy Part One

Oh yes! Give me that old-time hypocrisy! How I love it! Self-righteous hypocrites, what would this world be without them? And leave us not forget fanatics! After all, you can't really have the one without the other.

A hypocrite is one who gives a false appearance of having admirable principles, beliefs or feelings. Self-righteous hypocrites are even more fascinating. They base their false appearance of having admirable principles, beliefs or feelings on an equally false sense of moral and/or intellectual superiority.

The fanatical self-righteous hypocrite, however, is an enigma; one perfectly suited to the carrying out of their self-appointed task: righting imaginary wrongs and proselytization!

The self-righteous hypocrisy of the fanatic takes on a deep, elemental sheen that lights up their entire persona. Such a one appears to glow with extreme, often irrational, enthusiasm as they flit about wreaking their personal brand of retribution upon the gullible. Some people correctly or incorrectly mistake this false inner gleam with charisma.

Fanatical self-righteous hypocrites generally make great terrorists. But in these modern times, they can also assume a mantle of malaise and destructive potential heretofore unknown in the annals of so-called recorded history.

Fanatical self-righteous hypocrites can easily be the most evil of all beings. Their degree of evilness, on a scale of 1 to 100, is in direct correlation to their level of ignorance. In fact, ignorance is the key factor at work in both the creation and the longevity of all hypocrites, but most especially those of the fanatical self-righteous kind.

Ignorance is the result of two basic conditions: a lack of education or knowledge; and, the total unawareness of something, often something important. This being the case, we live in a time when entire nations are suffering from hypocrisy of epidemic proportions.

Entire nations are filled to the brim with self-righteous hypocrites who are spawned by hypocrites, raised by hypocrites, educated by self-righteous hypocrites, baptized or initiated by self-righteous hypocrites, and ultimately led or governed by elected, anointed or appointed fanatical self-righteous hypocrites.

From within this"ignorance is bliss"state of self-righteous hypocrisy these entire nations carry out incredible acts of terrorism in the name of God, of patriotism and"human compassion". However these actions are only considered as terrorism by those upon whom they are perpetrated. Those who commit the so-called atrocities consider them legitimate acts of war justified by the circumstances they perceive from behind their thin veil of false moral and/or intellectual superiority.

The so-called logic employed by world leaders today would never hold up under the scrutiny of any elementary school principle judging errant behavior out on the playground, yet the populace beams and bellows with pride as they watch the endless slaughter of their own brothers and sisters, their fellow human beings, throughout the world.

If one steps outside the boundaries of nations and looks at this world as a citizen of Earth or of the Universe, rather than an American, or a British subject, or an Arab, how different things might look.

Take the so-called"Land of the Free,"the nation who self-proclaims itself to be the"Leader of the Free World"and the"Bastion of Freedom on Earth".

Are these the utterings of a nation of hypocrites, or are they certifiable truths? It is hard to say, really. If we consider the question from the viewpoint of most Americans, these statements are the truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God!

A citizen of Earth might concur, at least in part, with the truthfulness of the above proclamations. After all, she who walks through the valley fears no evil, if she is indeed the biggest, baddest, most powerful creature to be found anywhere in the said valley. "Might Makes Right"even if the mighty ones do hide behind the facade of"Hey, Lucky You That We're Really The Good Guys".

A citizen of the Universe might be a little fuzzy about this issue, however. If I were that citizen, I might ask a few more questions before jumping on the"Home Of The Brave"bandwagon.

Next month I will do just that . . . look at the present"State of the Union"from the eyes of one who is not of this world. Think of it as hypocrisy of the highest order!

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