The Glorious School Of Life

This world we call Earth seems like a large place. But when you step back and look, it’s surprisingly tiny. The entire planet is really just another pretty marble floating about in a universe lousy with marbles.

The individual nations of our world are even tinier places and we humans, we are tinier still. Yet in all the universe, we currently know for sure of no others who are like us.

Perhaps it is this sense of being so seemingly unique that gives us such a lofty view of our tiny selves. Or perhaps it is the bleating of those few of our fellows; the ones who try and convince us that we alone were created to be the masters of this tiny planet, if not the universe at large.

Yet there was a time when we potential masters of the universe sat shivering in fear all the dark, and terror filled, night long. Back then we didn’t think much about conquering anything; just staying alive kept us busy enough. Surviving between sundown and sunup was about as interesting as it gets.

The big event that really transformed us into beings of potential power was the simple knack of learning how to make fire. Perhaps we would do well to remember such simple truths about our so-called lofty selves.

As individuals we are weak. So to appear stronger we gather together into groups of various sizes, often coagulating into so-called nations. Some nations, because of their size, their abundant natural resources and the cleverness of their people, become much stronger than other nations.

Invisible lines are drawn to mark the so-called boundaries. But when you step back from tiny earth and look, no borders or countries are evident. There is only the world.

Witness how frail we really are. In our tininess we can be snuffed out as easily as a candle flame exposed to the breeze. Like a small child carelessly treading upon an unsuspecting beetle, the forces of nature smash us into oblivion with mindless abandon. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts and floods recognize no boundaries nor nationalities.

Most of us, in our frail tininess, work very hard to become like all the others in our tribe, clan, state, or nation. We are taught to be proud of our regional or national culture and heritage. We learn that we must be ready to defend the ideals and the dogma cherished and commonly ascribed to by our fellows.

Over time, those nations blessed with the greatest wealth and power become convinced of their own righteousness. The deeds which led to their current lofty state become blurred, hazy actions in the distant past; atrocities perpetrated in the name of nation building are forgotten, or if not, then surely forgiven. Time heals all wounds, as the saying goes.

The trouble for us tiny humans is that we are too busy running around in circles to see what is really going on in our own backyards, let along the universe at large.

Time does indeed heal all wounds. But the healing involves actions and forces all-powerful and impartially just. Healing is the process of becoming well. On a cosmic level, this means restoring balance or a state of harmony.

We humans are certainly free to draw our imaginary boundaries and create our so-called laws, rules and policies. We are free to do anything we like; anything we are clever enough to imagine and then carry out. But perhaps we would also do well to remember that we always reap exactly what we sow.

There is no way to escape this fundamental law.

We are a part of the universe. Our actions as individuals, as nations, as so-called races of people, all have consequences that are perhaps much farther reaching than we might suspect. A pebble cast into the pond sends ripples in all directions; the consequences of the ripples depends on the size of the stone in direct proportion to the pond.

For every cause there is an effect. For every action there is a reaction. For each and every thing we do there is a consequence. If we are indeed the potential masters of the physical universe, it is only because each day of our lives we continually create the causes and effects that inevitably manifest in the future.

The members of a family will generally enjoy the riches or the poverty that ensues from the actions and circumstances of that family. In the same way, all citizens will reap what their nation and their nations leaders sow.

You will hear those who say they are not a murder and could never commit murder. Yet they are citizens of a nation, pay taxes to a nation and take part in a nation that commits murder. Because of this voluntary connection, they too commit murder. And they too shall reap what their nation sows.

The great Gandhi said that an eye for eye will merely cause the whole world to go blind. This is perhaps another way of saying that if one lives by the sword, one shall die by it as well.

Such are the lessons we immortal beings may only learn by attending the glorious and incredible School we call Life.

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Once again we approach the hectic end of yet another year, with all the hustle and bustle of wellness wishing and good cheer.

‘Tis the season that brings out the very best in us and perhaps the worst. It is a time when the gentle touch of Angels is most needed and apparent.

I sense many of you smiling with knowing eyes and joyous hearts at these words. Others, many others, are showing looks of doubt or amused complicity on your faces. You are the same ones who would also have us believe Santa Claus does not exist. This I can perhaps understand, but Angels?

How sad it must be to go through life without knowing Angels! Especially when the proof of their existence is everywhere. A persons eyes and heart easily identifies them as one who either knows Angels or doesn’t.

Some of us seem calmer and less afraid, stronger of character, more generous, kind and caring. Such persons make the most forgiving of friends. Olympic class listeners, they are fascinated by every thought and word! No matter how dark the night nor impossible the task, they glow with inner light and seem certain that things really will be OK! These are the people we love and cherish knowing; those whom we admire above all others.

Still others among us appear consumed by fear and uncertainty. They think everything and everyone is out to get them; even their relatives and spouses are suspect. They seem lost and alone in a world fraught with evil and suffering. For them, good guys always finish last; winners are the ones who carry the biggest sticks and know how to use them. Trust is something fools do and they deserve just what they get.

Two classes of people who appear so different, yet in truth, I do believe we are all of us very much the same, deep inside. If so, what causes such seeming variance? Doctors of the mind and of human behavior point to all kinds of factors affecting our growth and development; some tell us we are the product of the environment from whence we came.

To this I say well and good, but really, there is another factor that is apparent to me: there are those of us who know Angels and those who don’t.

If you know Angels, you always know just what to say, just what to do and just how to behave. After all, each of us has at least one Angel of our very own. And this, our personal Angel, always knows what’s best. Since Angels love us completely and without reservation, we can always feel their joy when we do the right thing or make the right choices, just as we feel their anguish when we do wrong.

Some people call this angelic force within each of us our “conscience”. “Let your conscience be your guide!” Again, I say well and good, but don’t stop there!

Angels can work miracles in this world, but only through us. We can be miracle makers, but accepting and sharing the gifts of Angels. Angels are the bearers of Light, Live and Love. So if you ever read or hear anyone speaking of Angels being evil or bad, pay no attention to them; such persons know nothing of Angels whatsoever.

Angels are with us always, aware of our every thought, act and deed. So long as we shun and abhor evil, they stand ready to guard us from it; so long as we embrace righteousness, they joyously bath us in Light and Love.

How wasted is the life of those who endlessly labor in the pursuit of some illusive pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. How very sad and astonishing this is when the greatest treasure imaginable is already absolutely within their grasp!

‘Tis the season when we celebrate the coming of Angels and Avatars into the world. A time when all God’s children join together in the ritualistic expression of the ancient words carved in stone at the core of every faith and creed, whether they be so-called Pagan or Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Moslem, Jew or what-have-you . . .

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

There is fundamental truth in these words. Just as it is also true that Angels are portals through which all of these blessing may flow. In the darkest hour they are with us, as they are in the brightest of dawns. Though they cannot save us from our own follies; Angels stand ready to show us The Way, if only we wish it to be so.

We need never feel lost nor alone, for help is always at hand; protection from harm, close beside us. However, believing is not enough; one must know. Knowing is everything!

It is also written that Angels have been given charge of us all, to keep us in all our ways. Harken to this knowledge and the Angels will sing. Though darkness and despair may yet come your way, there will always be an ending to the pain and strife, and a new dawn of golden light and love. Through all trials and tribulations there will be hope in your heart and it shall sustain you.

The greatest gift of Angels is helping us learn to savor all of the many varied experiences that make up our lives. Some of them seem heavy with despair, while others are light with joyous laugher; still other are wrapped in meaning and the dawn of understanding. To Angels and those who know them, these lessons are the jewels that crown us with glory. All things become known for the good that is in them, as we learn to see with the eyes of a new born babe, lying swaddled in a manger on a cold winter’s morn.

The destination is the journey. And the journey is forever; everlasting and without end. Hark the Herald Angels Sing; Glory to the New Born Kings and Queens! Joy to the World! Peace and Goodwill to All!

Friends and Angels, One and All, Be Of Good Cheer!

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