The HSUS Commends Arcadia, Calif., for Sparing Coyotes

The Humane Society of the United States applauds the city of Arcadia, Calif., for suspending its coyote trapping and killing program. The HSUS had raised concerns with City Council of Arcadia about this inhumane and inefficient approach to reducing conflicts. While The HSUS remains concerned that the coyote killing could be revived, the City Council’s decision to attempt humane and effective approaches is a good one.

On Jan. 18, the City Council unanimously voted to halt its one-year, $30,000 contract with Animal Pest Management, the local company that carried out the program. At the meeting, the council was presented with a petition signed by 1,000 Arcadia residents asking that the City use humane methods for resolving coyote conflicts. The City Council agreed that their contract with Animal Pest Management did not make fiscal sense and opted to focus on the education of residents instead. 

“Communities such as Denver have achieved great success in reducing coyote conflicts using humane techniques,” said Lynsey White Dasher, urban wildlife specialist for The HSUS. “The previous method, besides being cruel, was both expensive and ineffective. We commend the City Council of Arcadia for seeking more humane and sensible solutions.”

Effective non-lethal techniques include education on ways to avoid and minimize conflicts, managing trash and other items that attract coyotes, and “hazing” – using scare tactics on coyotes who have become too bold with humans. Coyote hazing helps restore the fear of humans back into habituated coyotes.  Hazing involves the systematic use of deterrents such as noisemakers, projectiles and water hoses.

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