The HSUS Condemns Alleged Abuse by USDA Wildlife Services Employee

The Humane Society of the United States is grateful USDA Wildlife Services is taking allegations of potential animal abuse against one of its employees seriously and has opened an investigation into the matter. Multiple concerned citizens recently came across disturbing photos of animal cruelty allegedly taken by USDA Wildlife Services employee Jamie Paul Olson. These pictures were brought to the attention of The HSUS, and passed along to federal authorities.

The photos appear to show Olson’s dogs attacking and killing a coyote restrained in a steel leg-hold trap set by Olson as part of a taxpayer-funded predator control operation in Wyoming. USDA Wildlife Services said it would investigate.

“The Humane Society of the United State is horrified by photos posted on Mr. Olson’s Facebook page that appear to show a coyote fighting desperately to escape from a steel leg-hold trap while Olson’s dogs ripped and pulled the defenseless animal’s body apart. The photos suggest Mr. Olson was acting in his capacity as a federal employee,” said Stephanie Boyles Griffin, senior director of Wildlife Response, Innovations & Services for The HSUS.

The HSUS recently requested the USDA audit its Wildlife Services program and make the lethal predator control program more transparent to the public, including the agency’s use of the predator poisons and steel leg-hold traps. 

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