The Mother Of All Terrorists

In these times we are being told to live in fear. But hasn't this always been so? Since the beginning of what some laughingly refer to as civilization, the common factor has always been fear.

A study of history will easily prove this to be true. I won't bother to elaborate. Even one totally devoid of imagination can see that throughout the ages people have always had a melody of things to fear.

Generally, most of these terrifying things have been served up by those who wish to control the populace. Or at least keep them "in line". Most religions, for example, have always used the fear of eternal damnation as a way of deterring "sinful" behavior.

Today, our greatest fear is supposed to be terrorism, or the threat of acts of terrorism perpetrated upon us and our possessions by terrorists. We have a color coded scale to keep us informed as to the current probability of such attacks actually occurring. It goes up and down like the daily weather forecast.

To help us feel safer, our leaders have declared war on terrorism. But leaders throughout the ages have always declared war on the things most feared. During the Dark ages, mice were the enemy. War was waged against them. As it was against the common house cat once upon a time. Until mice became the enemy. Then cats became allies.

The Christian religion has always been at war with Satan, for example. And so it goes. Wars against the enemies we fear are eternal and will never be won, so long as there are those who need to control groups of people large and small. After all, what would be the point of Christianity if Satan were truly overcome or destroyed?

Winning wars against terror is very bad for business.

Funny how we are all really much like ants wagging tiny little conflicts against other insects, willing or not, on a busy city sidewalk. Us ant warriors focus entirely on the battle, yet remain completely oblivious to the infinitely greater danger of being crushed beneath the trampling heels of giant pedestrians who may or may not know we even exist. Our only real hope of survival is to stay out of harms way, but we fail to understand which threats are real and which are not.

So it is when Mother Nature comes calling, raining down death and desolation with weapons of mass destruction beyond our worst nightmares. To Her, our actions speak louder than our words. When, through our own thoughts, acts and deeds, we invoke her awesome wrath, the Mother of all terrorists takes it upon Herself to show us the error of our ways.

Since She is the mightiest foe we are ever likely to face, shouldn't we cease making war against illusive enemies we have been taught to fear? Instead, isn't it time we begin directing our energy and resources toward learning how to live in harmony with the laws of nature and with each other? Otherwise, I fear we can expect nothing but the worst. And I'm afraid Mother Nature will be only too happy to oblige.

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