The NAACP Says Its Work Goes On

Julian Bond, NAACP Chairman of the Board, recently said that

the NAACP’s work for freedom and justice must continue in

order to thwart one of terrorism’s main goals – “disruption of

daily routine.”

Kweisi Mfume, NAACP President and CEO, said “The NAACP is

strong and resilient in our resolve to help make America a

more united nation during this courageous test of time. Our

organization was founded to ensure that all Americans have

the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution. We

are, unapologetically, bound to the civil liberties that make

this democracy great.”

In a letter to the NAACP family and supporters, Bond said:

“As we mourn the enormous losses – personal and national –

inflicted on our loved ones and our country by the vicious

attacks in Washington, New York and Pennsylvania, we must

be careful not to be defeated by one of terrorism’s main

goals – the interruption of normal life and disruption of daily


“New York’s valiant Mayor Rudy Giuliani has asked Broadway

shows to perform again. Wall Street opened on Monday. The

wounded Pentagon is up and running. Baseball is in full swing.

America is back in business again.

“It is not business as usual but with greater determination

than ever.

“We all applaud the heroism demonstrated daily by fire

fighters, law enforcement personnel and ordinary citizens and

we herald our public servants for their steadfastness. We join

our fellow citizens and people worldwide in condemning this

horrific, savage deed. We pledge our support for national

defense. We dedicate ourselves to ending terrorism.

“The NAACP was born to fight for freedom and justice in a

nation dedicated to those goals. Those twin towers –

freedom and justice – still stand. Because we believe in

freedom, our work will go on. Because we believe in justice,

we know the guilty will be pursued and punished.

“We vigorously condemn those bigots who blame feminists,

gays and lesbians and civil libertarians for this horror. We

recoil at how quickly a few yield to mindless prejudice,

attacking and killing Muslims and persons suspected of being

Muslims or Arabs. We praise President George W. Bush for his

visit to Washington’s Islamic Center and his forthright stand

against hate crimes and racial and ethnic profiling.

“We affirm the right of peaceful dissent, protected by the

First Amendment, now, when it is most at risk. We know our

Constitution can protect Americans’ security and America’s


Our work goes on. America goes on. We know our work is

America’s work – as we succeed, America succeeds. America

is strongest when her people are strong and free.”

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