Trump Walks Over Wildlife on Way Out

The Trump administration declined to add the monarch butterfly to the endangered species list after years of sharp declines and a western population that is hanging on the brink of extinction. In the same day, the administration finalized two rules under the Endangered Species Act that narrow the definition of habitat and limit the ability of federal agencies to establish critical habitat for listed species.

“Trump has made it nearly impossible for the Endangered Species Act to function as a backstop to mass extinction of our nation’s iconic wildlife. The monarch butterfly has long been a symbol of hope and resilience, which the world needs now more than ever. When we fail to protect the most precious and delicate species on this planet, we fail both people and nature. It is incumbent on the Biden administration to restore the foundation of our nation’s bedrock environmental policies to ensure that people and nature can thrive in the future.”

  • Eric Holst, associate vice president, Working Lands

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