Victory! USDA Yields To OCA'S Demands

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is proud to announce a major victory this week. Following a June 14 lawsuit filed by the OCA and Dr.Bronner's, a leading organic body care and hemp food company, and a nationwide OCA grassroots pressure campaign, the USDA has agreed to allow certification of qualifying organic body care products, pet foods, and nutritional supplements. Since last summer, the USDA National Organic Program has been telling certified organic companies to remove the "USDA Organic" seal from all non-food products.

Taking advantage of the lack of regulatory oversight, some body care and supplement companies have been misleading consumers with fraudulent "organic" labeling claims on products with a host of synthetic ingredients. Thanks to thousands of consumers signing our petition, and over 400 businesses signing on to support our campaign, the USDA surrendered to the OCA's demands on August 23, saying they will accept certification and allow use of the "USDA Organic" seal on all organic non-food products that meet the national standards. The "USDA Organic" seal will help consumers find real organic products while substantially boosting the market for organic farmers.

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