What Is the Animal Content in Entertainment Program?

The ACE Program promotes animal issues in television and film 

Run by the Hollywood office of The Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Content in Entertainment (ACE) Program is the only entertainment-related advocacy program of its kind, reflecting The HSUS’s belief in the power of all forms of media to increase awareness of animal protection issues.

ACE’s guiding mission is to encourage filmmakers to recognize animal issues as rich source material for socially relevant documentary and narrative entertainment media. Believing in the power of content creators to make a difference, The Humane Society of the United States encourages and honors feature and documentary filmmakers in all media whose projects raise awareness of animal issues.

By providing access to information, experts, and film and video archives, financial assistance through our grant programs, and opportunities for strategic partnerships and marketing incentives, ACE seeks to inspire filmmakers to find creative and compelling ways to portray animal issues in their films.

What can ACE offer filmmakers?

There are numerous ways the ACE Program helps promote animal issues in film and television media. Some of the resources ACE can provide to filmmakers, through our financial grant or strategic partnership opportunities, include:

  • Promotion to The HSUS’s 11 million members and constituents
  • A featured presence on the HSUS Hollywood Office and ACE websites
  • Announcements or mentions in The HSUS’s monthly e-newsletter
  • Special screenings for HSUS donors
  • Access to the extensive HSUS stock footage library
  • On-camera HSUS experts
  • Fact-checking and information research

Playing an essential role in the life of our planet, animals share our world and affect our lives as we undoubtedly affect theirs. By liaising with content creators, the ACE Program is one of the many ways that The HSUS is putting animal issues in the spotlight.

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