Where Is Lila? PETA Fears Bald Tiger Trapped at Waccatee Zoo Has Died

PETA has fired off a letter to Waccatee Zoo owner Kathleen Futrell seeking answers regarding the whereabouts of Lila, an ailing tiger who was the subject of a PETA campaign because of her ill health and who is now missing and presumed dead. We’re calling on Waccatee to release Lila’s veterinary records and surrender the remaining big cats it imprisons to accredited sanctuaries, where they can finally receive the proper care that they’ve long been denied.

lila dead tiger waccatee zoo south carolina

After months of wasting away, losing fur, and turning in endless circles inside her dismal cage, Lila has disappeared.

PETA wants to know if she died—in pain and in the cold—and if her death is being covered up by Waccatee. Nothing can undo Lila’s suffering, but PETA is calling on the seedy roadside zoo to release the other big cats and end theirs.

PETA first alerted the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to Lila’s condition in February 2020 and asked the agency to investigate her situation at Waccatee. Nothing changed.

Throughout 2020, PETA submitted eight additional complaints to the USDA, each documenting how Lila’s condition was continuing to deteriorate. She was frequently seen pacing back and forth in her dismal enclosure, a sign of psychological distress. In December 2020, we notified both the USDA and local animal control officials in South Carolina that Lila was completely bald, had lost a significant amount of weight, and had poor muscle tone. Neither entity took meaningful action, and now Lila is feared dead.

lila dead tiger bald south carolina waccatee zoo

Take Action for Animals Suffering at Waccatee Zoo

It may be too late for Lila, but other animals at Waccatee still need your help. This notorious facility has repeatedly failed the animals it exploits for profit. That’s why you should never buy a ticket to any roadside zoo or sham sanctuary where animals suffer.

You can get involved today by reaching out to Waccatee directly and calling on it to surrender these long-suffering animals to reputable sanctuaries. PETA makes it easy:

Get Started Now!

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