Where Madness Reigns

The other day, I heard more crazy talk. People were accusing each other of comparing our President to Adolph Hitler. Even in a time when crazy talk is rampant, the utterly absurd stands out. Bush might be a big disappointment, but how anyone can compare him to a person who is arguably the most infamous dictator of modern times, is beyond me.

Still others compare two-bit Saddam Hussein to this same architect of the Third Reich and master-mind of World War II! Any village idiot knows Hitler was on a completely different level than either of these simpletons. He was the real thing.

The best we can say about Saddam is that he might have been a Hitler wannabe. But I doubt even that. Sure, he waged war against his neighbors and tried to invade Kuwait, but this is small potatoes compared to the guy who wanted to restore the "Master Race"and turn the entire world into his private domain.

Besides, we were Saddam's ally and cheering section during the Iran war. We even supplied him with weapons of mass destruction. Maybe that's why we were so sure he had them once upon a time.

Like Saddam, Hitler came from the most meager of beginnings. As a young man he was a fairly talented and prolific producer of what gifted painters call "cafe art". Hitler was also a vegetarian. He was a lover of great music and fine art. His rise to power was a complex and arduous task fueled by personal fortitude and unbridled determination. And no one could build a fire under a crowd like the Furher! He inflamed the hearts and souls of his people with such fervent patriotism, they were willing to follow him from here to Hell and back.

President Bush has never displayed the focus or the resolve of a Hitler. Why would he? Having the good fortune of being born into a family of wealth and power, his has been quite the cushy life. Growing up, he enjoyed every privilege afforded those of means, attending the best of schools and never needing to dirty his hands with the minutia of life. His appearance on the national scene was ultimately due more to accident and blind luck than anything else.

Don't misunderstand me. There was cold calculation in abundance and brilliant orchestration involved in his rise to power; it just didn't happen to come from George W. Bush; rather from those who would make him king.

There is just no basis whatsoever for a sane comparison of good-ole-boy wannabe George, and Adolph Hitler. It is wrong, unfair and completely unfounded.

The crazy talk I heard came from people within the Bush election machine. Such talk is typical of their misunderstanding of almost everything relative to sane, just and mutually respectful commerce and communication among sentient beings. The blatantly obvious fact that there can be no meaningful comparison between the political-social missions of George Bush and Adolph Hitler renders mute even the discussion of such a nonsensical notion.

The point actually being made by those who found reason to scrutinize Nazi Germany versus America under George Bush had nothing to do with a comparison of those in power, but rather the political climates extant during these two epochs in history.

In Nazi Germany one was either with the Third Reich and the Nazi Party or one was against it. Though elections were involved in Hitler's rise to power, the common person on the street had little say in those contests.

Once in power, Hitler took his country into war because it was what he wanted to do. He convinced his people that it was the right thing to do and they supported him willingly or unwillingly.

The food for thought here is not a comparison of a Bush to a Hitler. This would be a total absurdity. Hitler, though a despot and perhaps most certainly a maniac, was a world class tyrannical dictator who had few peers.

Though hardly a world class leader, George Bush is perhaps a good man; the kind of honest and forthright person you might want to "have a beer with". But by all accounts, he's just a guy who finds himself in a job for which he's isn't qualified. So he simply does the best he can, with a little help from his friends.

Truthfully, it's hard to imagine anyone hiring George Bush on the open job market to run any kind of business at all. His priorities are elsewhere; perhaps on the golf course or watching "serious"team sports. Apparently, fishing and yachting are also high on his list as well.

He does a fair imitation of a Texas cowboy, but his heart isn't in that either.

The lesson history has for us is simple. In Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler took his nation and the world into the very depths of hell on Earth. Mussolini's Italy and the Land of the Rising Sun joined the fray, helping categorize that period as one of the absolute darkest in recorded history.

America answered the call, responding with valor and ingenuity. We fought fire with fire, creating great machines of war and awesome never before seen atomic bombs of unimaginable power. We glimpsed the eve of destruction and left the door ajar to the ultimate destruction of life as we know it.

The unprecedented level of death and destruction that lay in the wake of World War II was solely a product of the leadership in power at time. Hence those who govern, also generally serve as more or less the architects of history.

We tend to get the leadership we deserve. In America we have the power and the privilege to scrutinize the qualifications of all those who would lead us. The direction our lives will take in the foreseeable future is closely tied to the leadership we choose today. Those we place in power by definition become a serious part of the equation that defines our destinies.

Never think for one moment that your vote doesn't count. One way or the other we always vote, even when we don't. By not caring enough to participate in the election process, we give away our future and hand a blank check to those who do participate. By not voting, we make certain the wrong person always wins.

Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany is proof positive of just how much leadership matters. The future course of any nation will ultimately be determined by the competence or incompetence of its leaders. Hence the wisdom, or lack of wisdom, we demonstrate in selecting those who rise to power is of paramount importance.

Make no mistake about it, to enjoy the good life we much choose leaders who are strong, wise, compassionate and just. Good times, peace and prosperity are seldom seen where madness reigns.

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