WWF and Partners Announce New Coalition for Climate Action

On February 19, the United States formally re-entered the Paris Agreement. President Biden began this process with an executive order on his first day in office, with the request requiring 30 days to take effect. Marking this moment, a new movement “America Is All In” is being launched today, becoming the most expansive coalition of subnational leaders ever assembled in support of climate action in the U.S.

A project of WWF and our partners, America Is All In features many of the same leaders who declared “We Are Still In” when the U.S. backed away from the Paris Agreement. Now, they are taking the next step and pledging to go “all in” on climate action.

As the U.S. enters a new era for climate action, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Marcene Mitchell, senior vice president of climate change:

“In the face of many hurdles over the past four years, actions taken by American cities, states, businesses and other institutions have kept our climate goals within reach. They’ve also created a foundation we can build upon with the Biden administration who will be a partner in addressing the climate crisis. Through their leadership, we have learned that the responsibility for climate action lives with us all and that the U.S. can only achieve our climate goals if every sector of society and every level of government work together.

“America Is All In will help the U.S. rise to the challenge of addressing the climate crisis while accelerating our national economic recovery and building a healthier, more equitable future for people and the planet.”

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