WWF Joins Push for Bolder Corporate Action on Climate Policy

The CEOs of 12 environmental groups, including WWF, issued a public letter to companies urging them to more actively advocate for climate policy. The letter specifically urges companies to publicly support an ambitious national goal under the framework of the Paris Agreement, and to embrace the principles outlined in the AAA Responsible Policy Framework
to guide their climate advocacy. WWF issued the following statement from Carter Roberts, President and CEO, in support of this effort:

“For four years, the private sector has carried the mantle of US national and global climate leadership. Leading companies have set ambitious science-based targets and are working with their partners and suppliers to achieve them.

“But even those companies know they cannot achieve their targets through voluntary work alone. We need whole sectors and industries to move, and that will only happen with good strong regulatory frameworks that set targets, ensure progress and create incentives to move markets at a much greater scale.

“Signals and experience from the private sector matter, a lot. As the stars line up for the new Administration and the new Congress to finally pass long-needed legislation, it’s essential for companies to line up their legislative efforts with their own climate targets and programs. That means prioritizing climate change for conversations with Members of Congress and the Administration. It means ensuring their trade associations carry the same clear message.

“The moment is now for us to move. We need the private sector’s voice and influence to solve the problem of climate change, not just in terms of their own corporate footprint, but on a global scale as well.”

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